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Harvey Norman Ireland boss Blaine Callard loses $400000 on his Brisbane apartment -

Mon, 2017-09-18 22:42

Harvey Norman Ireland boss Blaine Callard loses $400000 on his Brisbane apartment
The large apartment has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a fitted home office, a large main bathroom with separate bath, a powder room, five linen cupboards, a modern kitchen with European appliances and views over the Brisbane River and Story Bridge.

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MK2 Real Estate Selects Yardi for Commercial Property Management - Business Wire (press release)

Mon, 2017-09-18 22:30

MK2 Real Estate Selects Yardi for Commercial Property Management
Business Wire (press release)
Yardi Voyager will enable us to streamline our property management processes. We're excited to benefit from a modern technology solution which delivers mobility to our team's day-to-day operations,” said Marcello Della Croce, director for MK2 Real Estate.

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CSC launches capital markets business in Europe -

Mon, 2017-09-18 18:55

CSC launches capital markets business in Europe
CSC provides knowledge-based solutions for every phase of the business life cycle, helping businesses form entities, maintain compliance, execute transaction work, and support real estate, M&A, and other corporate transactions in hundreds of U.S. and ...

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Read more owner tests the ‘holy grail’ of agent software

Mon, 2017-09-18 18:00

Take FiveStreet's lead-follow up, mix it with Top Producer's CRM and add Reesio's transaction management. What do you get? One system to rule them all, and a big real estate tech experiment from Move Inc ...

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Another angry investor sues Zillow over co-marketing

Mon, 2017-09-18 17:51

Another Zillow Group shareholder has filed a federal lawsuit against the company and it appears the real estate giant could soon face a slew of similar suits ...

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Inside the most expensive property in Hamptons’ history

Mon, 2017-09-18 16:29

Along the Atlantic Coast, east of the Big Apple, is an area known worldwide for its exclusive beaches, lavish parties and covetable opulence. Its massive summer estates and pristine waterfront views come with an air of privacy that is essentially unmatched. It's beautiful. It's luxurious. It's the Hamptons ...

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Brokers Get Real About Standards, Succession Planning and Zillow

Mon, 2017-09-18 15:54

Challenged by demand for discount and other unconventional brokerage models, and potentially disintermediation, real estate broker/owners today are charged with embracing innovative practices while maintaining profitability. Many are succeeding—but not without burdens, concerns and pressures.

Several real estate industry leaders frankly shared their experiences and insights in a lively panel at RISMedia’s exclusive Real Estate CEO Exchange, which took place Sept. 12-13 at the Harvard Club of New York City. RISMedia CEO and President John Featherston began the session by asking, “What keeps you up at night?” The panel’s responses are below. [Additions for clarity.]

Intero Real Estate President and CEO Tom Tognoli discusses challenges during RISMedia’s 2017 CEO Exchange session “What Keeps You Up at Night? Overcoming Hurdles to Profitability.”

“One of my biggest concerns that keeps me up at night is lack of succession planning for our agents. Thirty percent of our agents are over the age of 60 years old—they grew up in the world of client lists, not databases. We have no ability to capture that client list of theirs and cultivate it long-term. I would challenge all of us to look at the percentage of company dollars that those people bring to our organizations today.

“I really believe that Zillow’s actions speak louder than words. They’re positioning themselves to be the conduit to the transaction for our agents. It bothers me. We have the ability to transact for our agents and generate leads. The only reason I think this is happening is because we’re not in touch with our agents.” – Candace Adams, CEO/President, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices New England, New York and Westchester Properties

“If 80 percent of your business comes from people you know, why are you spending 80 percent of your time or money trying to get people you don’t know to work with you? I can’t get [agents] to put [information] into their database. It’s frustrating.

“If you weren’t doing at least four sides of business, you were gone [referencing another broker’s policy in relation to standards in the industry]. Does that help solve the problem? It makes your own company feel a bit better, but you’re still dealing with someone [on the other end] who doesn’t know what they hell they’re doing.” – Tom Gallagher, Broker/Owner, CENTURY 21 American Homes

“[What keeps me up at night is] the risk for the brand in so many transactions. It doesn’t matter if the splits go up or down—the number of transactions and the exposure to risk is still out there. When our industry is under fire, it’s because we didn’t disclose something, we’re terrible, we make too much money and we don’t do enough work.

“I get really worried and really upset when I get emails form some of our agents with content I know they have purchased and it’s well beyond any expertise they have. They’re creating this false brand for themselves. We’ll give you all of these materials.” – Annie Hanna Engel, COO/President, Howard Hanna Insurance Services; Chief Legal Officer, Hanna Holdings, Inc.

Annie Hanna Engel, president and COO of Howard Hanna Insurance Services and chief legal officer for Hanna Holdings, Inc.

“The brokerage entity is the Rodney Dangerfield of our business—it gets no respect. It’s the glue that holds all of the agents together, and we don’t tell that story well. The same is true with selling back to our agents what we do for them. Brand does matter.

“We [also] have a management team that is aging in place to the point of not moving. How do we teach those coming up in the ranks the three pillars of leadership: building culture, developing people and financial growth?” – Pam O’Connor, CEO/President, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World®

“Our industry is cannibalizing itself—it’s gotten incredibly competitive. The thing I focus on every day is leadership, and getting them to break out of their traditional mindset of doing things the way they’ve always done them. That whole mentality needs to change. I focus on what do we need to do to break tradition and be able to capitalize on our radically changing market.

“The biggest tragedy [in our company] is less than 10 percent of the agents have some sort of an organized database. We get hung up on Zillow, when the reality is the golden nugget is sitting beneath our nose.” – Tom Tognoli, CEO/President, Intero Real Estate

What keeps you up at night? Sound off in the comments section.

Stay tuned to RISMedia for continuing coverage of this year’s CEO Exchange sessions:

Suzanne De Vita is RISMedia’s online news editor. Email her your real estate news ideas at

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REALTORS® Support Tax Reform ‘Done Right’

Mon, 2017-09-18 15:41

Tax reform done right could yield savings and simplification that benefits average Americans, but history shows that misguided reforms can pose significant threats to the economy.

That’s the message the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) brought to Congress recently as Iona Harrison, chair of NAR’s Federal Taxation Committee, testified before the Senate Finance Committee.

At the hearing, titled “Individual Tax Reform,” Harrison told senators that putting homeownership in the crosshairs of tax reform would strike at millions of American households.

“Real estate is the most widely held category of assets that American families own, and for many Americans, it’s the largest portion of their family’s net worth,” Harrison said. “As 64 percent of American households are owner-occupied, we believe that homeownership is not a special interest, but is rather a common interest.”

Over the past year, proposals for tax reform have included the elimination of important benefits like the state and local tax deduction, a near doubling of the standard deduction—which would all but nullify the benefits of the mortgage interest deduction—as well as caps to the MID.

REALTORS® have warned lawmakers that proposals to limit or nullify the tax incentives for homeownership could actually raise taxes on millions of middle-class homeowners while putting the value of their homes at risk.

In her testimony, Harrison responded to critics of real estate deductions, who often claim those deductions benefit only a small number of wealthy individuals. Harrison noted:

  • 70 percent of the value of real property tax deductions in 2014 went to taxpayers with incomes less than $200,000;
  • 53 percent of individuals claiming the itemized deduction for real estate taxes in 2014 earned less than $100,000;
  • 7 million tax filers claimed a deduction for mortgage interest in 2015;
  • Half of taxpayers with mortgages over $500,000 have AGI below $200,000., according to research conducted for NAR.

To that end, Harrison reminded the committee that tax reform efforts in the late 1980s were fraught with unintended consequences that delivered a broadside to the economy and only offered brief tax relief.

“When Congress last undertook major tax reform in 1986, it eliminated or significantly changed a large swath of tax provisions, including major real estate provisions, in order to lower rates, only to increase those rates just five years later in 1991,” said Harrison. “Most of the eliminated tax provisions never returned and in the case of real estate, a major recession followed.”

Despite the REALTORS®‘ concerns raised during the hearing, Harrison reminded Senators that REALTORS® do support tax reform.

“Homeowners already pay 83 percent of all federal income taxes, and reform that raises their taxes is a failed effort,” said Harrison. “But NAR supports the goals of simplification and structural improvements for the tax system, and individual tax rates should be as low as possible while still providing for a balanced fiscal policy. We simply believe that to achieve these goals, Congress should commit first to doing no harm to the common interest that homeownership provides.”

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Technology Adoption: Impact on Office Synergy

Mon, 2017-09-18 15:38

The National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Power Broker Roundtable this month discusses agent adoption of technology.

Robert Bailey, Broker/Owner, Bailey Properties, Santa Cruz, Calif.; Liaison for Large Residential Firms Relations, NAR

Mike Pappas
, CEO, Keyes Co. Illustrated Properties, Miami, Fla.
Dan Forsman, CEO, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Georgia Properties, Atlanta, Ga.
Tom Skiffington, Broker/Owner, RE/MAX 440, Perkasie, Pa.
Chad Ochsner, Employing Broker, RE/MAX Alliance, Denver, Colo.

Robert Bailey: Business technology is a billion-dollar business, and brokers invest significant dollars each year to ensure their agents are efficient, connected, and competitive. But the adoption and usage of all this new technology can have drawbacks. Some agents are slower—or less interested—in continually learning new ways to do things. Others are just too busy out there in the field to be concerned with changing technology. So, what are brokers doing today to ensure a return on their investment? And, as more agents choose to work remotely instead of from desktops at the office, what’s the impact on company culture and synergy? We’re checking in with some tech-forward company leaders. Mike, what’s your take on all this?

Mike Pappas: Well, the very fact that agents are working remotely indicates a mastery of technology. But when new systems come in, adoption and engagement are the so-called ‘special sauce’ that can make a critical difference, so we’re laser-focused on getting everyone to see the value and get onboard. At the same time, we’re very aware that everyone learns differently, so we offer a smorgasbord of emails, webinars, one-on-one training and on-site/off-site coaching opportunities so that agents can become familiar with programs on their own time and in their own way.

Dan Forsman: We’re big believers in communication, and it’s important that what we introduce to our agents is both relevant and exciting. So, we’ve instituted what we call an “Innovation Council,” made up of leaders from all our offices. They communicate to us what the agents want and need, and they also become the first-line conduits to take new innovations back to them. Then, as Mike indicated, it’s a matter providing training in enough ways and times to help bring every agent up to speed.

Chad Ochsner: I’ll second that. We host a consistent “Fourth Friday FAST” meeting, which stands for “Fantastic Alliance Services and Tools,” where, among other things, we introduce new systems and programs, in addition to new marketing partnerships our agents want to know about—like Best Buy discounts they can offer their clients. From there, branch office managers sit down one-on-one to help agents understand and see the value of newly installed technology. And monitoring is essential to track the usage.

Tom Skiffington: Most of our agents frequently work out of the office, so it’s especially crucial for them to have a technological edge. But since we’re spending some 20 percent of our outlay on technology, ROI is equally critical. When a new agent comes into the company, we set everything up for them—website, social media pages, search portal profiles, their blog, and our proprietary lead-generation system. Then we sit down and walk them through everything—one-on-one, small group coaching, whatever it takes to be sure they know how to use it to their advantage. Every time we bring in something new, it’s the same routine.

RB: With all these people out of the office, what happens to company culture? How do we maintain the kind of synergy, mentorship and reward systems that inspire camaraderie and performance?

MP: We take the company culture to them, with social events like “Wind Down Wednesdays,” where we buy the first round of drinks at a local watering hole. Or we might reserve a night at a local gallery, where everyone drinks a little wine and gets hands-on painting lessons. Sometimes a manager will drop in on an agent in the middle of an open house. When it’s quiet, that can be a great time for a casual little one-on-one.

DF: We schedule “Power Lunch Fridays” at various offices, with good food, cool guest speakers, and so forth—and they’re often covered live on Facebook, so even those who can’t attend in-person can follow what’s going on.

TS: Social events provide a great opportunity to launch new programs and systems because everyone is relaxed and receptive. But the simple truth is, if some new piece of technology helps make them more profitable and productive, you can bet they will get onboard.

CO: Something that’s been successful for us is a company-wide internal app we install on agents’ cellphones so that we can push out notifications, special messaging and so forth. With some 50 percent of our agents working remotely, it helps everyone stay in touch with what’s happening in the office. That, plus the regular social events we plan, is our best route to preserving synergy.

DF: American culture as a whole is changing, and we’re changing with the times.

RB: In the end, our job is to provide value to our agents. As they say, “If you build it, they will come.”

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Redfin CEO Glenn Kelman to answer all your burning questions — live

Mon, 2017-09-18 15:30

Catch the Facebook Live interview broadcast exclusively on Inman and moderated by RealScout CEO Andrew Flachner on Wed., Sept 20, 2017. ...

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Surveying Shares of SPDR FTSE EPRA Europe ex UK Real Estate UCITS ETF (EURE.L) - Financial News Review

Mon, 2017-09-18 14:13

Surveying Shares of SPDR FTSE EPRA Europe ex UK Real Estate UCITS ETF (EURE.L)
Financial News Review
SPDR FTSE EPRA Europe ex UK Real Estate UCITS ETF (EURE.L) touched 28.22 on a recent bid indicating that the Tenkan line is still hovering above the Kijun Sen. This represents bullish momentum for the shares. Whether or not the shares are ready to ...
Trading Watch: Shares of Amundi ETF FTSE EPRA Europe Real Estate UCITS ETF (EPRE.L) Noted Over ChikouPiedmont Register
A Look at the Health of SPDR FTSE EPRA Europe ex UK Real Estate UCITS ETF (EURE.L)Geneva Journal

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Survival of the richest: Real estate’s technology arms race

Mon, 2017-09-18 12:36

What kinds of products are included in the real estate technology landscape? How much of their funding is invested, and how much of it comes from agents and brokers? Where will we see the most growth in the next few years, and which verticals seem to be simmering down? Inman dug into the numbers, researched the investors, surveyed readers and interviewed the experts. Here are our findings ...

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Toys R Us may file for bankruptcy - KARE

Mon, 2017-09-18 12:23


Toys R Us may file for bankruptcy
Toys R Us became a private company in 2005 and is owned by equity firms Bain Capital and KKR and the real estate investment trust Vornado and is based in Wayne, New Jersey. The three owners of Toys R Us declined to comment to USA Today or CNBC.

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Once anti-logo, Dani Reiss leverages Canada Goose brand appeal in Europe and China - Financial Post

Mon, 2017-09-18 10:33

Financial Post

Once anti-logo, Dani Reiss leverages Canada Goose brand appeal in Europe and China
Financial Post
“We're going to apply the same discipline with our real estate decisions to make sure we don't sign any leases that we're going to regret in a few years.” Analysts are encouraged by the potential growth trajectory of Canada Goose, which has seen its ...

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LE: Europe Hotel Construction Pipelines Shows 25 Percent Spike - Hospitality Design (blog)

Mon, 2017-09-18 10:07

LE: Europe Hotel Construction Pipelines Shows 25 Percent Spike
Hospitality Design (blog)
AccorHotels boasts the most hotel real estate in Europe, with 201 projects and 24,593 guestrooms. Hilton Worldwide and Marriott International round out the top three with 166 projects and 26,269 guestrooms, and 165 projects and 28,758 guestrooms, ...

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New memoir recalls Obama speech that didn't quite nail Trump - USA TODAY

Mon, 2017-09-18 10:00


New memoir recalls Obama speech that didn't quite nail Trump
It was there that Obama, just hours away from watching Osama bin Laden get taken out by Seal Team 6, delivered the devastating jokes that were supposed to have banished then-reality TV star and real estate developer Donald Trump, who had been ...

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Accom targets Asian investors for debut German real estate fund - IP Real Estate

Mon, 2017-09-18 09:55

Accom targets Asian investors for debut German real estate fund
IP Real Estate
Kalmund acknowledged London as the natural entry point to Europe for most Asian investors because they are familiar with real estate there. “There isn't the same degree of familiarity with Germany, and particularly regional German cities,” he said. He ...

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Mic drop: MLSs heed broker wishes, announce merger deal

Mon, 2017-09-18 09:54

AUSTIN -- Lauren Hansen concluded this year's Council of Multiple Listing Services (CMLS) conference by urging her fellow MLS execs to "be the change" they want to see in the real estate industry. She led by example ...

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President Trump makes a plug for his tower during UN speech - USA TODAY

Mon, 2017-09-18 09:23


President Trump makes a plug for his tower during UN speech
Well then. President Trump kicked off his Monday speech before the United National general assembly with a plug for his nearby residential tower. "I actually saw great potential across the street, to be honest with you, and it's only for the reason ...

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Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers Has Trimmed By $6.47 Million Its Ventas (VTR) Position; USA Truck Has 0.77 ... - High Point Observer

Mon, 2017-09-18 08:35

Cornerstone Real Estate Advisers Has Trimmed By $6.47 Million Its Ventas (VTR) Position; USA Truck Has 0.77 ...
High Point Observer
USA Truck, Inc. is a truckload carrier providing transportation of general commodities throughout the continental United States and into and out of portions of Mexico and Canada. The company has market cap of $100.31 million. The Firm operates through ...

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